Reserves, Falls and Volcanoes of Costa Rica with beach stay

Reserves, Falls and Volcanoes of Costa Rica with beach stay

Reserves, Falls and Volcanoes of Costa Rica with beach stay

Discover our Costa Rica program; 13 days in the heart of a country with one of the richest and most interesting biodiversity in Central America. This is a full program created for your comfort and safety, ideal for couples or families, and including all that Costa Rica has to offer: sumptuous landscapes, warm, sandy beaches and surprising flora and fauna. An opportunity to experience the great outdoors that will surely satisfy you.

This itinerary can be adjusted to your personnel needs and preferences.


  • Independent tour at your own pace

  • Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve 

  • Rio Celeste waterfalls

  • Arenal Volcano National Park

  • Tortuguero National Park

  • Manuel Antonio National Park

  • Rio Tarcoles  

  • Carara National Park

  • Playa Manuel Antonio beach stay







17 meals


Car rental


1 activity

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Departure from Montreal to San Jose. Arrival and pick up your rental car at the airport. Rest of the day free.

Overnight in San Jose 

After breakfast, head to Monteverde, a few hours’ drive from the Costa Rican capital. Once there, you will undoubtedly admire the beautiful scenery. On the program? Free stay! In other words, after registering at Monteverde Cloudforest Lodge, you will be free to do as you please.

We recommend hiking around the bucolic Northern Cordilleras with its 9 well-marked hiking trails. During these walks you will undoubtedly come face to face with several local species of birds and monkeys. Try the Sendero Bosque Nuboso, a friendly and varied trail.

If you have the chance, be sure to try the local coffee. Costa Rican coffee is renowned for its aroma and its potency. Why not visit a coffee plantation such as the Saint Elena plantation, which is easy to access and offers a two hours tour. At the end of the tour, a coffee tasting will be a delight.

Meals: Breakfast
Overnight in the Monteverde area

During the first half of the day, we invite you to visit the private reserve of Selvatura, where you will find many suspension bridges. Walking around on these is an unusual activity which will allow you to take in the scenery from new heights. If you are hooked on exciting adventures, this might be a good solution! For other thrill seekers, there is the longest zip line in Central America, a 1.6- kilometer downhill ride!

Go further in your discovery of the area with an afternoon visit to the Monteverde Reserve or the plantation of Don Juan. Nature lovers might rather be tempted to visit the hummingbirds garden with its countless species. Costa Rica is known for its incredible biodiversity, so take advantage of your stay to discover species that you may never see elsewhere.

Not to be missed: hiking, walking, crossing suspension bridges, Don Juan plantation, discovering biodiversity

Meals: Breakfast
Overnight in the Monteverde area

After waking up from a good night’s sleep it is time to take to the road toward Rio Celeste. The road takes you through a countryside of sumptuous landscapes and views. On arrival, check in at the Celeste Mountain Lodge Hotel. Take advantage of the rest of the day to visit the surroundings, in particular the nature reserve of “Tapir Valley” where you will come face to face with many representatives of this unusual species!

Not to be missed activities: Tapir Valley, Rio Celeste

Meals: Breakfast
Overnight in the Rio Celeste area

Your visit of the Tenorio Volcano National Park, open every day, promises to be superb. Don’t forget your camera when you admire the waterfall of the Rio Celeste, the first step of the journey. The waters of the river fall from a height of about 30 meters. Unfortunately, swimming is dangerous and therefore prohibited, but you can continue your visit and climb the watchtower for an exceptional view of a vast expanse of lush nature and rainforest.

A little further on are the Borbollones, or bubbling waters, which can reach temperatures of 94 degrees! On the program, the laguna azul, Tenidero and the volcano. Be careful, these places are preserved and only 1,000 people can visit per day. Arrive as early as possible to be sure you are not left out.

Not to be missed: Tenorio Volcano, Tenorio Volcano National Park, Laguna Azul, Borbollones

Meals: Breakfast
Overnight in the Rio Celeste area

In the morning after having your breakfast, depart for Arenal, the youngest volcano in Costa Rica, rising to 1720 meters. A 2-hours route during which you will pass around Lake Arenal and through the bucolic Northern Cordilleras offering magnificent scenery. From here the route will take you to La Fortuna, the last city before the volcano.

When you arrive, you will find a breathtaking landscape. La Fortuna offers nature and adventure, as the city’s businesses organize various activities such as hiking, horseback riding, zip lining, kayaking, sports fishing and tours to the Volcan Arenal National Park. Some time in La Fortuna will allow you to see the city with new eyes!

You will be able to use the rented car for a trip to Fortuna Falls. In fact, between La Fortuna and the volcano there are hot springs which feed the thermal river Tabacon, a magical place perfect for the best vacation photographs. In addition to the “classic” activities, why not check out the Aguas Termales de Tabacon Spa, the best known of the many thermal baths in the area.

Meals: Breakfast
Overnight in La Fortuna

This day will be your opportunity to take an optional half-day excursion (including entrance fees) to discover Arenal Volcano National Park with the help of a guide. You can also explore a tree plantation and organic vegetable gardens followed by a Tortilla making and a sugar cane juice pressing workshop. At lunchtime, a buffet meal with various traditional dishes is planned, and in the afternoon you can continue to discover the surroundings on your own.

Not to be missed: Visit of the Braulio Carillo National Park, La Fortuna, Arenal Volcano, Tabacon Thermal River, stay in a Spa

Meals: Breakfast
Overnight in La Fortuna

After breakfast, departure toward Guapiles. This is an attractive place where untouched nature and aspects of developing cities (housing, restaurants and shopping centres) mingle. Guapiles is also known for its Botanico Las Cusingas Garden and its hundreds of plant species. Drop off your car rental, lunch and then resume the journey toward Tortuguero National Park. The journey will be divided into two parts, first by road and then by boat.

One of the wonders of Costa Rica which is not known for its monuments nor for its historical sites but for its verdant parks and for experiencing boating through its many rivers and small canals. This area is a true window open to the Caribbean Sea. You will also reach your hotel by boat.

In Costa Rica, locals eat fish dishes such as ceviche de pargo or dorado, or octopus or tilapia, all of which are not overly spicy. You will also find dishes with Creole and Afro-Caribbean influence such as rondon (a spicy okra from the sea), bean rice (red beans, coconut milk and curry), and pati, the Caribbean version of empanadas, with either sweet or salty stuffings, ideal for eating on the go, on the bus or on a picnic.

Meals: Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
Overnight in the Tortuguero area

On the ninth day in Costa Rica, begin your exploration of Tortuguero, most of which will take place by boat. You will also have the chance to walk the trails of your lodge’s private reserve. A local English-speaking guide will accompany you. The park is home to 309 species of birds, 111 species of reptiles, 57 species of amphibians and 60 species of mammals. You will be able to see some of the most emblematic animals of the country such as sloths and agoutis.

You will also have a chance to learn about the different ways the locals honor nature by visiting the Turtle Conservation Center and its museum.

In season (between July and September),you can inquire about the possibility of participating in an accompanied night tour to observe turtle nesting sites.

Not to be missed: Tortuguero National Park, boat trip

Meals: Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
Overnight in the Tortuguero area

After breakfast, transfer to San Jose where you will pick up your car rental and drive to Manuel Antonio.

Located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio National Park is a true tropical paradise.

Getting there takes only a 3-hours drive. You will have the opportunity to pass by the central mountain range as well as the Tarcoles Bridge, known as the “Crocodile Bridge”. You will feel privileged to be in this sumptuous part of the country, one of the few places in the world where you can admire crocodiles basking in the sun. The crocodiles here enjoy the waters of the Rio Grande de Tarcoles and benefit from the natural light and a variety of spaces to swim. It is estimated that a total of 200 crocodiles live here in total freedom and you might see individuals ranging from about one to more than seven meters long.

Then continue the drive towards Punta Leone, an important natural reserve and one of the largest on the Pacific coast. Punta Leone is actually one of the remaining forests that lie in the transitional zone between the tropical rainforests of the southwest and the dry forests of the northwest. This is also an opportunity for you to finally enjoy some of the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. Our recommendation? Playa Blanca and Manta.

Not to be missed: Tarcoles bridge, crocodile watch, Punta Leone

Meals: Breakfast-Lunch
Overnight in Playa Jaco

After beginning your day with breakfast, you have several options. You can visit Manuel Antonio National Park and take a two and a half to three hour accompanied walk during which you can talk with a naturalist. You may have a chance to spot howler monkeys as well as Agoutis and, if you are lucky, a Poison Dart Frog.

For others, the day can revolve around relaxation. Manuel Antonio is a small town with many beaches. We recommend Playa Espadilla, Playa Playitas and especially Playa Biesanz where you will appreciate the crystal-clear temperate waters.

Take advantage of the moment to continue your tasting tour to enjoy some of the typical specialties of Costa Rica such as fish with coconut milk, Costa Rican beef in tomato sauce (carne mechada), or chifrijo, one of the most famous dishes!

Meals: Breakfast
Overnight in Playa Manuel Antonio

If you have not already done so and want to participate, your last day is your chance to discover Manuel Antonio National Park or enjoy the beaches, as you see fit. Manuel Antonio has many small companies offering a catamaran or a kayak tour ideal for diving, snorkeling and discovering the coast. If you are a thrill-seeker, you can take a parachute jump to gaze at the coast from the sky, an unforgettable experience for only the most intrepid!

Meals: Breakfast
Overnight in Playa Manuel Antonio 

Departure to San Jose airport. Drop off of the rental car. Return flight to Montreal.

Meals: Breakfast

Costa Rica
Costa Rica
Costa Rica


Daily departures


This trip includes:

  • Round trip flights Montreal/San Jose

  • 11 days (excluding the Tortuguero portion) Economy 4WD ST SUV car rental (Suzuki Jimny or similar) including: PLI & LDW insurances, unlimited mileage, additional driver and the car registration fees

  • The loan of a router / high-speed mobile Internet access device for the entire duration of the portion of travel with the rental car including unlimited Internet data

  • All accommodation in standard rooms in hotels, eco-lodges and charming inns

  • 17 meals including 12 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 2 dinners

  • Including: half-day zip lines and suspension bridges in Monteverde with an English-speaking guide

  • A complete and detailed travel diary including maps of the cities and sites visited, as well as the itinerary traced on road maps indicating precisely the routes to follow

  • A presentation, with schedules and rates of all recommended local activities

  • All taxes and service fees included in this program

  • Airport taxes

This trip does not include:

  • Activities and visits or entrance fees to the various parks and sites

  • Car rental’s compulsory insurance and other additional services such as deductible insurance, rental of a GPS, a full tank is required when the vehicle is returned etc.

  • Parking, tolls, fuel & fines

  • Items of personal nature such as mini-bar, safety-box, wi-fi etc.

  • Tips and baggage handling at airports/hotels

  • Costa Rica’s departure tax

  • All types of travel or personal insurance

  • PCR tests

  • Anything not stated explicitly in the inclusions

  • Contribution to the Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents: 3.50$ per 1000$

Featured Hotels

Package in superior hotels (or similar)

San JoséWyndham Garden San Jose Escazu 4*
MonteverdeCloudforest Lodge 2*
Rio CelesteCeleste Mountain Lodge 3*
La FortunaArenal Paraiso Resort & Spa 3*
Tortuguero National Park areaLaguna Lodge 3*
Playa Manuel AntonioCosta Verde 3*

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