Geo Escapade

Our types of trips

Shared tours
Our shared tours are prepared by our partners at the destinations. They offer French, English and multilingual departures and stays, so you might meet travelers from all over the world. In addition, our teams can lengthen your stay at the beginning or end of your trip, allowing you to enjoy yourselves longer.

Auto tours – prepared in-house, at leisure and flexible tours
Our auto tours are part of the “freedom” programs. Everything is reserved in advance: car, hotels and excursions. The proposed itineraries are flexible in every way: the length of stay, the categories of hotels, the choice of destinations to visit and even the categories of rental vehicles are adaptable according to your desires and tastes. 

Train travel – prepared in-house, at leisure and flexible tours
Our train tours are also part of the “freedom” programs. Train tickets, hotel rooms and excursions are booked in advance. Here again the proposed itineraries are flexible in every way: length of stay, categories of hotels, choice of cities to visit, choice of excursions and even the choice of train tickets (economy or first class).

Island hopping – prepared in-house, at leisure and flexible tours
Our “island hopping” tours are part of our “freedom” programs. Whether in Greece, Croatia or other paradise-like destinations, we invite you to discover a variety of islands and archipelagos for a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Add to this a combination of cities to visit and you get a complete tour that mixes discovery and relaxation.

Transfers between islands are done by boat or airplane. Everything such as ferry tickets, hotels and excursions, is booked in advance. The itineraries offered are flexible in every way: length of stay, hotel categories, excursions, choice of islands to visit and choice of ferry tickets (economy or first class).

Tailor-made trips – prepared in-house, at leisure and flexible tours
Dreaming of a special trip? You have a destination in mind but need a little help to orient yourself and choose the best activities to do? Don’t panic, we are here to advise, guide and accompany you. 

With the help of our specialists, we can prepare your itinerary while taking care to book the services that meet your needs and expectations. Your dream trip is within reach of your imagination, and we are here to make it come true!

Private tours
If organized tours are right for you but you prefer to go alone or with your loved ones, we are able to create private tours for you whether you are 2, 4 or 6 travelers. Our specialists will accompany you and offer a variety of itineraries according to your tastes and expectations; cities, hotels, excursions and time spent in destinations. Everything is done to allow you to spend the most enjoyable stay possible.

Do you want to sail far away from everything to enjoy a holiday?  Discover our selection of the best river and ocean cruises, flexible and adjustable according to your desires. You can, for example, add a few days before or after the cruise to fully enjoy your trip. In short, absolutely everything is possible!

Bike Tours
Discover the wonders of the world through our bike tours. Especially designed by our experts and collaborators abroad, will allow you to discover and enjoy the most beautiful sites of the countries you visit at your own pace.

Hiking Tours
Would you like to discover a particular country while taking your time? Then discover our hiking tours, carefully prepared by our on-site guides. With trails of varying difficulty, you will be able to discover your host country in an unexpected and unforgettable way. Who said that walking did not go hand-in-hand with travel, discovery and pleasure?

Motorcycle Tours
Motorcycle tours are part of what we call “Freedom Programs”, where everything such as flights, hotels and transfers is booked in advance, and you don’t have to worry about anything. Each day is spent on a motorcycle. Flexible schedules and itineraries as well as the routes of the host country you are going to visit are available for you!

Wildlife Tours
In addition to sightseeing, would you like to discover the secrets of the wild flora and fauna of the countries you visit? We have prepared specifically dedicated tours for you to do just that. With our self-guided tours, private safaris and discoveries of national and wildlife parks, you will leave Costa Rica, Tanzania and other countries with unforgettable memories.

Want to enjoy your vacation without having to worry about anything? Discover our at leisure stays, where flights, hotels and transfers are booked in advance and all you have to do is create your own program. You are the master of your own time, so plan according to your desires and get the most out of your stay.