Costa Rica

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Costa Rica


Located in the heart of Central America between Panama and Nicaragua, Costa Rica is first and foremost known for its abundance of nature, varied fauna, dense flora, and sumptuous landscapes. 

On arrival you will be amazed by the beautiful coastlines, landscapes, and mountains, as well as the enigmatic volcanoes, and magnificent seas and national parks which offer travelers and tourists the opportunity to enjoy the best of the planet’s natural wonders.

Travelling from the capital city San Jose to the Corcovado National Park passing by the Arenal volcano, you will have the most beautiful trip. In addition to magnificent nature walks, we also offer you the possibility of tasting typical national dishes, engaging with the locals, and making incredible memories.

Just a few hours flight from Montreal, Costa Rica offers itself to you like never before. Want to find out more about this experience? Feel free to browse our travel packages and other programs. Whether it’s a group trip, a solo adventure, an organized tour or more spontaneous escapade, you’ll leave Costa Rica feeling revitalized!


Costa Rica Auto Tours

Reserves, Falls and Volcanoes of Costa Rica with beach stay

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Costa Rica Auto Tours

Coast to coast in Costa Rica with beach stay

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Costa Rica Auto Tours

Volcanoes, Reserves & Beaches in Costa Rica

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