Czech Republic

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Czech Republic


A city marked by Soviet communism, Prague is today one of the most dynamic, lively, and pleasant European capitals to visit. It’s very simple: you won’t have time to get bored, quite the contrary! Between bars, excellent restaurants and other more cultural places, the Czech capital will take you through its charms.

Architecturally, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Astronomical Clock and Old Town Square are some of the beautiful places to visit, but don’t forget to discover the world famous Czech beers. On the menu? Goulash, bramboračka, smazeny syr… In short, there will be something for everyone. 

But the Czech Republic has many other places to visit. We think of Brno (second largest city in the country), Pilsen (where the famous beer was born) Olomouc and its cheese, the Bohemian Switzerland National Park (for nature lovers) …. A surprising country where locals and visitors enjoy each others company.


Czech Republic Train Tours

Prague, Vienne & Budapest by train

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