Discover our tourism experts

Throughout our career, we have been able to meet experts in the field of tourism from the 4 corners of the world. Our expertise as a wholesaler has given us the opportunity to exchange information and forge real partnerships. While some of our business relationships did not last and the services offered did not meet our standards, most still exist today.

We are constantly searching for new partners who can offer our customers high-quality services and who are able to innovate and adapt. When it comes to insurance, assistance and comfort, we make sure that our employees and tourism partners act quickly, for the satisfaction of the customer. Health and safety are at the top of our list of selection criteria. These are, in our opinion, sine qua non conditions, as important as the pleasure of a journey. It is essential that you be able to reach the emergency numbers at your destination 24 hours a day. We also take care to ensure that our representatives on site know and are in line with the mentality and needs or our customers, whether in terms of accommodation, services or anything else.