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Various urban legends tell how some travelers decided to go back home on the next flight after barely leaving the tarmac. India is a country full of bewilderment, where colors and smells are mixed in a crazy, uncontrollable whirlwind of pleasure that not everyone can appreciate!

From New Delhi to Goa, passing by Rajasthan, Mumbai and Varanasi, the revered river of the Indians, India is overloaded with visual beauty.  India is also incredibly historical with monuments like the Taj Mahal or the Great Arch of Mumbai. Finally, India is about filling your plate with their colorful, spicy cuisine, eating, sharing, and living.

Do you want to discover India? Does travelling through Gandhi’s country, discovering a new culture with multiple religions, dialects, and customs tempt you? We offer many trips and organized stays in India. Do not hesitate to discover all that we have to offer!