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From Istanbul to Ankara, from Izmir to Bursa, Turkey is a rich and hilly country. With multiple influences, straddling two continents (Asia and Europe), Turkey is an unbelievable mixture between the West, the East and Asia, proof that cohabitation between people is quite possible!

Turkey is an exceptional country where traditions and values are mixed with vitality and the desire to evolve with the times, without ever denying its roots. From the Saint-Sophia mosque to the Capadoccia mountains, passing by Hierapolis and its ancient city, and the different national parks, you will appreciate the mixture between modernity and history.

Turkey, also shares a passion for cuisine. Köfte, Manti, Mezzès or Şiş Kebap are some of the dishes that have crossed borders and today represent Turkey internationally. Of course, don’t forget to end your meal with a divine Turkish tea. In short, everything is gathered here to fully enjoy.