Indonesia (Bali)

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Indonesia (Bali)


Who has never dreamed of going to Bali? To visit Indonesia? Country of Southeast Asia, Indonesia is mostly known for its countless islands since there are nearly a thousand. But that’s not all. Indeed, there are hundreds of ethnic groups who speak their own dialect… Indonesia, a country that does nothing like the others.

A country where you will enjoy visiting the numerous beaches, climbing its (sleeping) volcanoes, discovering its incredible fauna (notably the Komodo dragons) and its dense and humid jungles, offering remarkable sights. For lovers of big cities, we invite you to Jakarta, an economic and political center with infinite wonders.

Finally, to discover Bali, its beaches and more globally Indonesia, is to indulge in the local cuisine. We think in particular of Nasi Goreng, the national dish or Babi Guling, a typical dish of Bali. A mixture of flavors that deserves to be discovered, to be experienced.