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Have you been dreaming about discovering Peru? A land full of culture and history, Peru is a country that covers a large part of the Amazonian Forest, known to be the land of the Incas. Peru is known for so many stunning and historical sites like Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley and the colonial city of Cuzco, it is easy to fill your days with wonder and beauty. 

With strong Hispanic influences, Peru still known today for its local customs and traditions that are felt in the attitudes, seen in the lifestyle, and tasted the kitchen! Rich, diverse, and authentic, Peru offers more than 491 traditional dishes for you to discover. There is something to temp every pallet.

Only a ten hour flight from Montreal, Peru is a remarkable destination, sometimes unusual, sometimes surprising, but terribly endearing. So, whether you wish to discover the remnants of a disappeared civilization, magnificent landscapes, or take part in beautiful hikes through the mountains, Peru is waiting for you!