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Bolivia is a country with the most surprises. The capital, La Paz, is the highest capital in the world culminating at 3.657 meters high. Surrounded by Brazil, Peru, Paraguay or Argentina and Chile, Bolivia is a landlocked country, less known than its neighbors, making it perfect for the curious traveler. 

From the shores of the Titicaca Lake to the heights of Huayna Potosi (which culminates at 6088 meters of altitude), through the famous great Salt Desert in the South Lipez, the Laguna Colorada or the Luna Valley, Bolivia is the dream destination for road trip enthusiasts, and nature lovers, and trail blazers.

Just a ten hour flight from Montreal, La Paz is the ideal place to start your stay in Bolivia. A stay that promises to be colorful and ful of enjoyment whether you are alone, a couple, with your family or your friends.