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Argentina is passion, smiles, and dance. Argentina is about strolling through the streets of Buenos Aires, going to a soccer stadium (a sport revered in the country), and taking a few hours to go on incredible walks. Whether you’re travelling from Rosario to Cordoba, or through the capital to Ushuaïa in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina will never cease to surprise you.

On route you will never be bored. Experiencing the culture of the Argentine gauchos (old cowboys) and the energy of the young and dynamic city, the difference is interesting to see. Travel through a unique country where you can go from the hottest deserts in South America to the biggest glaciers in the world in just a few hours. 

Providing an experience for everyone, Argentina has established itself as one of the main tourist centers of the continent. Whether you go alone, in a group or with your family, this country of wide-open spaces will give you a rare feeling of freedom. The ideal place to clear your head and come back recharged.


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Argentina- From North to South

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